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The Problem

Business processes such as development, product management, marketing and business development are often evaluated on the basis of what they deliver - new offerings and new customers.  But what if what is unseen and unknown is more costly than the benefits one sees?      What if the very newness of objectives sets organizations up for failure rather than success?


Agile business turns these creation processes on their heads and assumes - when it comes to creating the "new" - that teams of humans mostly know far less than they think they do at the start - and way far less than executives think they do.  Creating the "new" is about continual discovery and adaptation.   It is about finding the bad ideas and rejecting them quickly.  It is about building aggressively on proven success.


Agile turns your business into a discovery machine.  Counter intuitively, agile creates iteratively provable success without knowing what the exact result will be up front.    Stop planning and specifying - and start learning.  Be Agile.


                  Not This:






The Solution

Agile is often seen as a software development specific approach.  Starting off in the mid-90's as extreme development, Agile methods use iterative and constant feedback to inform teams what makes customers happy.  Agile encourages killing things that do not work quickly - and building on those methods and approaches that work with additional success.   Start small - and build out success by success.


Today, Agile is seen as a style of creation for products, offerings, services as well as markets, customer engagements and new business.   Anything can be tested quickly, abandoned if it does not work, modified or iterated for further work quickly.  Transform Services applies the Agile approach to all creation activities:  hardware, software and services development; product management; marketing and business development.


Transform Services uses the iterative model shown here to help organizations learn and adopt agile techniques.






















Transform Services can customize engagements to your organizations specific issues and objectives.   We also have expertise in many agile frameworks including XP (eXtreme Programming), Kanban, SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework for enterprises) as well as Scrum.


As an Agile Coach, we can help in your adoption, learning and scaling endeavors.


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