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Evaluating new markets?  Thinking about product line extensions?  Concerned about technology and market evolution on your offerings and competitive position?


Let Transform Services bring our design thinking and market analysis expertise to work for you.  A proper market platform analysis gives your product managers, marketing team and executives the factual ammunition to make the right investment and positioning decisions.


Follows are short descriptions for the purpose and output of each engagement component.


Meta Trends Workshop:  We often start with a workshop on long term and powerful meta trends in order to establish a context for change in a company‚Äôs offerings and approach.   Executive and key stakeholder participation is essential to this step.  Sometimes this is directly followed by ideation activities.   From this, key objectives and analysis needs set the stage for phase two of the engagement.


Ideation:    Ideation is the process of brainstorming and collecting potential ideas in a structured manner.  The collected ideas - possibly prompted by the meta trends dialog combined with existing organizational objectives - may form the basis for potential offering analysis using the remaining tools here by Transform Services as part of a defined client project.


Customer Journey:   Any offering can be understood and also tested in terms of the journey that the customer will take with the offering versus other substitutes.  We use this to evaluate existing and potential offerings as well as for field testing with key customers (well before investment begins) in initial agile business development.


Ecosystem Map:   We build ecosystem maps for offerings as well as systems to better understand the relationships and financial flows an offering enables or requires.  We may do this and revise the results many times during an analysis project.


Value Gap Analysis:   Agile business is about creating the maximum value with the least effort.   For any offering we evaluate value created versus value destroyed (or cost added) across an ecosystem to determine offering viability.


Dominant/Contra Logic:  Successful new offerings often rethink the existing assumptions in the market.  We use dominant/contra logic analysis to compare potential new offerings to existing substitutes to understand ecosystem, value and market platform effects.


Market Platform Analysis:  Some offerings lend themselves to participating in or forming the basis of a market platform (think anything with network effects such as operating systems, web 2.0 applications, razor and blade structures).  The market platform analysis considers increasing returns, aggregation/disaggregation in systems, network effects and other relevant platform related issues to flex the offering structure in line with other analysis efforts for maximum value creation.


Control Points Map:  It does no good to have an innovative offering if it can be copied easily by someone else once available.   The control points analysis considers the relevant balance of proprietary to open systems attributes across the offering structure so that the created value is sustainable for the client and relevant ecosystem participants.


Business and Financial Modeling:   Any viable offering should have a business model and financial model representing its essential attributes and value creation given different levels of investment.   As always, these are subject to ongoing learning through agile business processes.


These two project descriptions provide additional examples of the way in which we can provide market analysis to meet your objectives:

- Ideation Project

- New Offering Analysis


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