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Background:  The process of ideation is a structured brainstorming approach that creates many alternative ideas that can be evaluated and tested as new offerings.   In this project, the client had some specific market targets in terms of leapfrogging competitive offers.  So the process started with a meta trends workshop to stretch attendees thoughts toward more formerly out of bounds possibilities.


Client:  Payments Provider to Financial Institutions


The Problem:  A mix of payment mechanisms and infrastructure exists that could be extended via mobile or other access points.  What targets and combinations of these would be potential offerings in a retail consumer or financial institution environment?


Project:  This was a two part workshop composed of a meta trends introduction then followed by a structured brainstorming of potential offers.  Attendees were business unit leaders and technical team members.


The meta trends section helps to focus attendees minds on the trends of the future rather than on their day to day, in their face experience.   While knowing current problems and issues is informative, driving innovation that aligns with trends and needs leads to the best potential new offerings.


The structured brainstorming establishes the context for ideas and then moves through the ecosystem of current participants and offerings trying to prompt alternatives with the ingredients at hand.  The dialog also invites new ideas and other alternatives.   No attempt at validation is made - it is the flow of ideas - one leading to the next - that matters most here.


Results:  The client now has a set of ideas - though unevaluated - for further analysis.  Transform Services provided (as is our normal practice) a detailed set of all of the content and results from the workshop that allows the client to make appropriate next step decisions.


In addition, Transform Services gained through this dialog contextual business and technical information for the client that could be used in subsequent efforts - which we mutually agreed to do  in a subsequent analysis project.



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