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Background:  This offering analysis project was a second stage follow up to the ideation process.   Each of the collected ideas was analyzed by Transform Services through its offering analysis framework combined with the clients objectives to score the ideas for agile testing.


Client:   Payments Provider to Financial Institutions


The Problem:   Having a set of ideas, which of these should the client invest in?  What technical viability and market advantages would each idea have?  If the client could gain increasing returns or other benefits to a platform play in an ecosystem of partners, suppliers and customers, would any of these ideas contribute to that?


Project:   Using the business and technical objectives provided by the client, Transform Services used its market analysis suite to analyze each idea.  We also developed alternatives to these ideas and included those in the analysis.  For example, using a dominant/contra logic tool can help suggest variations of an idea that are better differentiated from existing solutions in the market.   However, only going through the complete analysis can an indication of possible viability be established.


At the conclusion of the analysis work, Transform Services held a summary workshop with the original ideation workshop participants plus the executive sponsor.  We provided the full analysis content and results in draft form up front and then went through the recommendations in the workshop.  Some alignment issues were found and these were adjusted in the final report out. The workshop participants could also use the workshop to better understand the tools and results so that their later efforts could utilize these if they wanted.


Results:   The full analysis - including summary workshop - was provided to the client.  This included details on all tools and assessments so that they could build on the work Transform Services provided in their subsequent efforts.    Based on the criteria provided by the client, the ideas and alternatives were ranked for technical viability, customer value and market potential (including any market platform advantages).


The client later selected three of the ideas (out of the 22 evaluated) for further development using agile methods and minimum viable products (MVP) with key customers.  One of those was successfully launched.

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