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As a leader of a community bank or credit union, you are all too aware of the challenges facing your organization.  You have never before faced the level of government regulation and organizational compliance issues that you now do.  Your suppliers deliver to you complex platforms, delivery capabilities and processing that results in the exact same effective value being delivered by you as your competitors, eliminating your ability to differentiate.  Operating efficiency, security and fraud requirements turn your organization into a process bound entity that is potentially unaware of the specific needs of each of your customers and members.


Buried within the competing advice and recommendations from all of these voices, a murmur cries out in the back of your mind: “Where is the growth going to come from?”    At  Transform Services, we believe this is an excellent and overlooked question that - once answered - can be the pivot point for your organizations strategy and operational excellence.


The graphic above shows a guide to the vectors of change that Transform Services utilizes in evaluating and recommending actions.   We use our agile business and market analysis tools to help each community bank or credit union meet their specific objectives and capabilities.    Moving iteratively toward customer focused activities helps your financial institution enable and capture value that today is laying on the table.


In addition to new agile market offers and market analysis that is the core of what we do,  Transform Services supports your efforts in customer focused services with capabilities that create defined outcomes to your customers/members as well as to your organizational results.


We can help you with:

 - Offering analysis using our Market Analysis Tools

 - Agile offering process management including

       - Offer Test processes with your key customers

       - Apply agile development methods to shorten time to market and minimize risk

 - RFP Management including

       - Creation of RFI/RFP documents

       - Manage vendor RFI/RFP engagement and evaluation

 - Delivery Channel Capabilities Assessment

       - Compare capabilities you have in branch, ATM, online, mobile and IVR

           with your competitors, and against customer focused and transformational services

           best practices.

       - What is the right mix of access point investments given your situation.

       - Where can automation help you cost effectively bring personalized and one to one

           relationships to your self-service access points.

 - Mobile and Payments Assessment and Advice

       - The use of mobile to gain advantage in customer focused and transformational services

       - The necessary linkage of mobile, shopping and payments


We customize every client engagement - so we welcome a dialog as to you organizations needs and goals and how Transform Services can help you transform financial services delivery.  The Ideation and Offering Analysis project examples show some of the ways we can help community banks and credit unions create new value.


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